1970s Team

Team Picture
Back Dave Leppard, ?(1), John Heywood, Ian Thorley, Geoff Cattle, ?(2), Ray Wilson
Front Phil Davey, Glynn Thatcher, ?(3), Roger Oliver, Geoff Treloar

Thanks to Ray Wilson for the picture

Player Bios

Dave LeppardDefence player who played for Purley for many years.
?(1)played in mid-field.
John HeywoodAttacking mid-field player who joined Purley from St Helier.
Ian ThorleyVice-captain and defence player who joined Purley from Offerton. Ian has lived for many years in Germany
Geoff CattleAttack player who played for Purley for many years.
?(2)attacking mid-field player - a Northerner who joined Purley after playing for Oxford University.
Ray WilsonCaptain. Attack player. Played for several sides before Purley including Stockport and Leeds U
Phil DaveyGoalkeeper who joined Purley from Lee.
Glynn ThatcherAnother stalwart defence player who represented Purley for many years.
?(3)Japanese played in mid-field.
Roger OliverDefensive mid-field. Another Purley stalwart.
Geoff TreloarVery forceful attacking mid-field player. Australian. Played for Purley for a couple of years before returning home.