Six-a-sides at Croydon - 19 Apr 2008

Round robinHitchin4 - 2Bill Laidler 3, Mike Barrett
East Grinstead4 - 3Chris Spence 2, Mike Barrett, Matt Payne
Reading5 - 1John Maydick 3, Bill Laidler, Jamie Tasko
Semi-FinalWalcountian Blues4 - 3Mike Barrett 2, John Maydick, Bill Laidler
FinalSwansea9 - 4Bill Laidler 3, John Maydick 3, Matt Payne 2, Mike Barrett

Goal totals: Bill Laidler 8, John Maydick 7, Mike Barrett 5, Matt Payne 3, Chris Spence 2, Jamie Tasko 1

Final Report

Both teams were undefeated coming into the Final, but Purley really turned it on in first half to build an unassailable 7 - 3 lead. John Maydick in particular was on fire with some stunning ripping shots in and around the goal; the keeper was lucky he didn't manage to get in the way of some of them.

Photos by Steve Cluney.