Hillcroft at home, Prem - 15 Oct 2005

Purley took on Hillcroft in their first home game since their return to Sandilands. The pitch was in pristine condition, the sun was shining - what better to do than play lacrosse?

Hillcroft started brightest, taking the lead early, but two solo goals by Nigel Tasko say Purley edge in front - and it continued nip and tuck all the way. Purley failed to take advantage of their superior possession, and Hillcroft were more decisive, especially their left handed attack man. Purley did manage to pull into a 2 goal lead mid way through the second quarter, through a goal by keeper Paul Terry - loverly. Paul crossed the half way line on the clear, and since the field was open in front of him drove towards the goal. Steve Flint in the Hillcroft net knew the shot was coming, but a vicious shot low between the legs left him looking rather less than pleased. This rallied the Purley side, and they dominated possession for the next few minutes. It looked like they would pull away to a decisive lead, but stern defence by Hillcroft kept Purley out, and Hillcroft managed to pull the score back on a fast abreak to bring the score to 6-5 at half time.

The third quarter was much of the same, with the lead changing hands several times, ending with the scores tied 9-9 to set up a tense finish. In tight battles like this it is often the first goal in the final quarter which is crucial - and it was Hillcroft who scored it, and more. Purley simply squandered too much of their possession, and Hillcroft pressed their advantage to go 3 goals up. If Hillcroft thought it would be any easy ride to the final whistle, they were much mistaken, as Purley pressed and pulled one back, then two - but unfortunately for the Purple and Gold time had run out, and Hillcroft ran out winners 13-12.

Scorers: Dave Arnot 4, Nigel Tasko 3, Tim Richmond 2, Paul Terry 1, Matt Payne 1, Mike Barrett 1

Photos by John Maynard.