Hitchin away - 15 Feb 2003

With both teams only having 10 players, and no ref available, it was decided to play the game without a referee. This can sometimes lead to tension between the two sides, but on this occaision both teams acted in a very sportsman like manner - it was a very clean game, but when there was a foul both sides sent their own players to the sin bin, even when the other team would probably have let the foul go.

The Purley attack were in their usual majestic form, and with 9-1 first quarter scoreline the game was effectively over. Purley continued their domination in the second quarter to take the score to 18-1, but Hitchin rallied in the third only losing the quarter 3-6, and it looked like they might keep the Purple and Gold below the thirty mark, but Purley managed that with only seconds to go. Final score 30-4.