Cambridge Uni at home - 19 Oct 2002

With serveral novices on their side, Cambridge we always going to be up against it. Add to that the fact that Purley's midfield & attack were in majestic form, and a big scoreline was looming. Thought the students battled hard, there was no way they could stem a constant flow of Purley goals. Final score 36 - 0.

In the Purley midfield Stuart Green showed his continuing improvement with 2 goals. New Aussie recruit Sam Bugeja showed impressive form in his first game with 7 goals, becoming the third player from Camberwell LC in Oz to play for Purley in recent years, and in attack Jamie Tasko filled his boots with 10 goals.

Scorers: Jamie Tasko 10, Sam Bugeja 7, Mark Dingfield 5, Matt Payne 3, Mike Barrett 3, Stuart Green 2, Mike Husey 2, Darren Novell 2, Chris Spence 2