Senior Flags Final 1999-2000

Purley vs Kenton

This was the best game so far. Kenton put out the strongest side that Purley have played against all year. Purley decided to do something a little different from the start and played 2 long stick wing men on nearly every face. This meant that Purley got possession from almost every face off.

The first quarter was pretty close but Purley ended it 5 - 2 ahead. The Purley attack had started well with Tim Richmond, Dave Arnot and Darren Novell all scoring in the first quarter. Tim also gave Kenton's England keeper Simon Savage a sign of what he could expect for the whole game by shooting from distance and nearly burning a whole in the top right corner (a beautiful goal!).

The second quarter was much closer with Kenton creating many more chances than Purley. But Purley's defence was playing well and the quarter ended 7 - 6. The third quarter was when the game really came to life. Purley scored a couple of well crafted man up goals and Tim scored another laser-like crank to the same corner, quickly followed by Dave Arnot showing that anything Timmy can do he can as well by blasting one into the same corner! Purley's defence also stepped up a gear and with the "Denham and Dean show" limiting Kenton to a handful of chances which were all soaked up by goalkeeper Paul Terry. The quarter ended 13 - 6.

The fourth quarter seemed to fly by. Kenton scored first but this proved to be their last goal and long stick Andy 'Papa' Booth wrapped things up with Purley's final goal. The game finished 14 - 7. To be honest everyone had a good game and the whole team deserves a mention:

Goal keeper: Paul Terry
Long Sticks: Denham Pope, Dean Searle, Dave Slaughter, Andy Booth, Kevin Barnicle and Scott Nicholls
Middies: Mike Barrett, Matt Payne, Graeme Holland, Chris Spence and Mike Husey.
Attack: Tim Richmond, Dave Arnot and Darren Novell.

Stats: Tim Richmond 5 goals, Dave Arnot 3 goals, Darren Novell 2 goals, Graeme Holland 2 goals, Mike Husey 1 goal, and Andy Booth 1 goal.


Thanks to Trevor Rogers of Reading Wildcats for the action shots of the game.