Purley Sixes Tournament

The annual Sixes Tournament takes place at the club usually during July each year, with each team being charged £60. Details of the date, and how to sign up, will be available nearer the time.


The normal laws of Lacrosse shall apply except as enumerated below.

Play of the Game

  • The playing area will be marked in the usual way but the goals shall be 40 Yards apart with 10 yards behind each goal line.
  • A full team shall consist of six players – 1 defender, 3 midfielders and 1 attacker, plus goalkeeper, plus unlimited substitutes.
  • Each match shall be divided into two halves of 7 minutes, with 1 minute between halves. Extra time for Finals (and semi-finals) in sessions of 4 minutes each way until a goal is scored.
  • Play will start with a face off at the beginning of each half unless a penalty is being served.
  • After a goal play is restarted on the whistle with the goalkeeper in possession laterally outside the goal crease.
  • No time out.
  • No offside, except goalkeepers are not allowed over the half-way line.

Fouls and Penalties

  • Technical fouls - 30 seconds
  • Personal fouls - discretionary but can start at 30 seconds
  • Expulsion fouls - the player is excluded from the tournament for the remainder of the afternoon and reported to the Disciplinary Committee

Previous Winners

2013Walcountian BluesNottingham
2015Vatican CardinalsCroydon