Subscribe To Or Download Fixtures To Calendar

If you use calendar software on your computer, tablet, or phone, you might want to able to view the fixtures using the same software.

Most modern applications such as Outlook, Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning, and Google Calendar allow you to subscribe directly to online (remote) calendars. This is generally the best option as whenever the schedule changes (or a new season's list is produced) they will be automatically shown in your calendar.



Depending on your setup, the simplest way to subscribe is to click the calendar icon to the left.

Please set your subscription to be read-only, and refresh at most once a day.

Outlook, Apple iCal, iPod

Click the calendar icon above to subscribe. If you have an iPod then you can configure it to synchronize automatically with both iCal and Outlook.

Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning

In the Calendar tab -> Right click an open space -> New Calendar, select "On the Network", and paste the URL into the Location, and then choose a name and colour.

Finally, right click on your newly created calendar in the Calendar tab, and click "Properties". Select the "Read-only" option and then click "OK" to stop your calendar from trying to publish (and timeout) any modifications you attempt to make.

Google Calendar

Simply click the following link and follow the instructions to add to Google Calendar

Other Calendars

In most modern calendars there should be an option entitled something like "Subscribe" or "Internet Calendar Subscription", or an option under "New Calendar" such as "On the network" to enable you to subscribe.

Enter webcal:// for the remote address of the calendar.

If your application does not support the webcal protocol you can also try


Other applications may allow you to import the Fixtures Calendar if they support the iCalendar format. Click on the link to download the file, and follow your application's instructions to import.

Fixtures iCalendar