We are always grateful to receive donations, and in order to get the most from your donation we plan to use the umbrella organisation of the South of England Lacrosse Educational Trust (SELET) to assist us. The trust has charitable status which enables us to receive government funding through Gift Aid. For each £10 donated by basic rate tax payers they can claim £2.50 from the Inland Revenue. In addition, 40% rate taxpayers who make donations can themselves claim tax relief of £2.50 by including the donation on their tax return. So each £10 given by basic rate payers raises £12.50, and each £10 given to the club by 40% rate tax payers costs them £7.50 and raises £12.50.

Please make payments payable to ‘SELET’ and complete a Donor Declaration Form below which ensures that the money will go to Purley Lacrosse Club. We also need a Gift Aid Declaration to enable us to recover Gift Aid from the taxman.

Important: Gift Aid is only applicable to personal donations by UK taxpayers. Gift Aid cannot be reclaimed on donations by companies or on payments due to a club in any event (i.e. subs).

On receipt of the forms and the funds SELET will allocate these to the Purley Lacrosse Club account. Periodically, SELET will claim the Gift Aid from HM Revenue and Customs and add the funds received to the Purley Lacrosse Club account.

If you’re a higher rate tax payer, by including the payment under charitable donations you will receive tax relief of 25% of your gift.

Note: figures correct as at January 2016, but are subject to change. Please check with HMRC for correct values.

Communications with SELET should be directed to the Secretary:

Rob Collinge
12 Walsingham, St John's Wood Park, London NW8 6RG
Tel: 07976 937990

Many thanks to Rob and SELET for providing this invaluable service.

Thank you.


It is very important that we claim Gift Aid only in respect of personal donations by UK taxpayers. Gift Aid can not be reclaimed on donations by companies.